Darts Anyone?

Posted on Saturday 12 January 2013

So I’ve started playing with my darts again – it’s something I’ve done on and off since I was about 8 years old. What can I say, I find it soothing, when I was a teenager they were like my worry beads and boy did I worry back then…. 🙄

What did it was that my dartboard was up on the wall, as it has been for many, many years and my two grandsons are old enough to start playing and so I introduced them to a simple game of killer ( using poker chips with number 1-20 on them .) We’d all pick three chips and hide them from everyone else and then try to take out all the numbers on the board ( a double was two hits, a triple three, and anywhere else on the number was one. ) If your number was hit 3X you had to put it back into the pot ( we kept track on a piece of paper for which numbers had what hits on them. ) It was great fun but I thought after a while they might be ready for something better.

Their dad and I started playing 501 ( double in, double out, ) which essentially means that you start with a total of 501 points and can’t start deducting them until you hit the double ring to start and you have to hit the double ring ( and equal exactly zero ) to finish the game first. Of course the boys wanted to play, and we tried it without them having to do any doubles, but it was still kind of tough on them, even if we started them at 301 ( a two hundred point advantage! )

So it got me thinking about what other games we could play, that maybe they would enjoy… On my previous dart-board there was what looked like a game of baseball ( it was a paper board and could be flipped over. ) It had a baseball diamond, and fielders but it never came with any instructions and I often wondered how to play it.

So I started wondering how one could play darts on a “normal” dart-board an started coming up with some ideas. Pat, the boys dad, said that he thought it had already been done. So I did a bit of research to see what was out there and to be truthful didn’t like what I saw very much.

The games I found were only baseball in the sense that there were “nine innings” but you only tallied how many points you got hitting the particular number for that inning. I of course was thinking of something much more grander…

I think I have all the right pieces together now to publish “My” version of Baseball for darts, which will be my next article. As I don’t want this one to get too long, and I apologize in advance if I’ve come up with something that someone else thought of…. But I really did come up with this on my own…. which also explains ( if you look at the time stamp of this posting ) why I’m up so early in the morning writing about it – LOL.



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