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Posted on Thursday 18 April 2013

I’ve been given permission to publish portions of several emails that I recieved on the 16th – shortly after Gipp Forster had passed away.

I am putting them up here for both those looking for background as well as those who wanted to know more about his passing.

He will be greatly missed…

From Dale Baglio

Very sad news to report.  Gipp Forster passed away yesterday morning at about 11am at home, and in the arms of his wife, Donna. Obviously, his health declined very rapidly from when I last saw him about five weeks ago.  I knew his time was perhaps limited, but none of us realized he’d be taken so soon.

His memorial service is scheduled for April 26th at Gateway Baptist Church here in Victoria.


From Barry Bowman

I’m very sad to report our old friend Gipp passed away yesterday. He had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer in February but in spite of some hopeful, better news only a few weeks ago, the cancer proved too aggressive.

Gipp and I were avid matinee-goers, catching the latest flicks at Silver City but as he grew weaker we spent Wednesday afternoons watching his favorite videos from his recliner at home.

For Deb and me, he was our family pastor, (marrying us three times), presiding over our family funeral services, and dedicating Jessica and Paige when they were born.

For me, he was more than a good friend-he was like my brother.

It’s also comforting to know that Gipp’s faith sustained him through those last few weeks. Some afternoons, rather than watch a movie, we’d just talk, and he told me he was more than ready and not to be sad.

I know you’ll honor that as you spare a thought for Gipp and, of course for Donna who has soldiered through this with a deep well of courage.

A memorial is planned for Friday, April 26th.

From an article in Senior Living Magazine (which Gipp wrote for)

We are greatly saddened by the death of our friend and Senior Living columnist Gipp Forster, who passed away on April 15, 2013.

We made Gipp’s acquaintance about 16 or so years ago when we moved from Alberta to BC so that my husband Barry (Senior LIving’s co-publisher) could take on a position at the Mustard Seed, a street church and food bank founded by Gipp. Some years later, in 2004, I created Senior Living magazine. Already knowing Gipp’s gift as a writer, I asked him if he’d write a monthly column. I felt it would be a perfect outlet for his many stories and insights. And so it has proven to be!  And much more…for we can never begin to count the number of lives he touched or the chuckles he invoked…
(You can read the entire article on their site here)

My wife summed up our feelings best…

What a sad sad loss, Heaven is much richer tonight…

End Article
  1. Len Said,

    Hi Rick,

    It was through your site I finally found Gipp a couple of years ago.

    This is sad news for I feel like I lost a friend. At the same time we should celebrate all that he gave us. He made such a difference in the lives of so many people.

    As I said on my site, if the success of a person can be measured by how many people he positively touched and influenced Gipp Forster is an immensely wealthy man.

  2. Rick Said,

    Hey Len

    Yep – I remember you well – I’m glad to say I’m a little quicker on digging comments out of the spam filter now…

    I’m sure your site is getting as much activity as mine is right now regarding Gipp. He really was a much loved treasure and will indeed be greatly missed.

    We really have lost a close friend haven’t we…

  3. Vince Hines Said,

    Gipp Forster passed away on his birthday (April 15) at the age of 76. He had been suffering from cancer of the esophagus. His popular Christmas segment “It Feels Like Christmas” was a regular feature on CJOK. An ordained minister, Gipp loved Christmas and his greatest achievement was establishing the Mustard Street Church and food bank in Victoria. Sister churches sprang up in Calgary and Edmonton. A memorial service is planned for April 26th.

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