Posted on Tuesday 4 March 2014

When I was a kid, a long LONG time ago now, I dreamt of the day when hover cars would cover the road. GM actually even sent me some prototype information on cars it thought it would have by the 1990′s.

Well that’s long gone now and the closest we’ve ever come to hover cars and the like are those fan propelled hover craft or vertical jet engine take offs that the Harrier uses.

Well today I felt like a kid again… Remember “Back to the Future II”? The one where there’s this hover board – here’s a pic…


Marty Grabs Hoverboard

Well, I’m really REALLY happy to say – that it’s now a REALITY! Holy Smokes!

Check This out!

If that doesn’t blow your mind NOTHING will – the implications are PHENOMINAL!!

Their countdown clock infers that it will be available in December…. I feel like a little kid again – WOW

Check out HuvrTech – and Welcome to the future!


There is a group out there who says this is all just a marketing play – I hope not… I know the technologg would be ground breaking and it is odd that they showed it off in a parking lot. I really should have researched this more before posting (and sending out all sorts of excited emails :( )

If it’s a marketing ploy they should be ashamed of themselves – for some of us it wont be very funny if it is. So for both sides of the story here are some links stating it’s a scam:

There’s others out there who posted positive comments, as I did. And of course there are more negatives as well… Bottom line, I guess I’ll have to wait until Christmas to find out for sure… If it’s not real, then it’s a dangerous prank, as they are playing with the emotions of so many of us who had thought, then hoped we could crack this barrier… It won’t be looked at as funny, cute, or even nice and will put what ever product they were selling on my no buy list…. ahhh but if it’s real….

My hopes and dream are for it being real…. Time will tell.

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Three Months and Still Very Happy!

Posted on Friday 13 December 2013

So it’s been just over 3 months, as we head into the latter part of December, that we pulled the plug on our Cable ( to be truthful on our Satellite – we dropped Cable 5 yrs earlier due to costs! ) We haven’t missed it once and saving $$$ every month isn’t bad either!

We still watch live news, including CNN (amazing but true) and get to see the shows that we like ( NCIS, Castle, etc) but without commercials – which is AWESOME! And no I’m not squinting at a small screened computer, phone or table. It’s all up on my living room TV. It’s a win win! Let me tell you how I did it.

There are several key parts that made all this happen.

  • First off, NONE of this would have been feasible without our Apple TV. It lets my Apple computers connect seamlessly, so now I have a Mac Media server and I use my MacBook  and iPad for the adhoc stuff. That little black box is the key to everything else… and it lets me put everything on the big screen in HD!
  • The next key was an external ( on the roof ) HD antenna. This was done, originally, so that we could get PBS and CBC ( for live news. )  I’m up in the Ottawa/Canada region that is way too far to pick up any US Network stations ( save for PBS ) but I pick up all the Canadian ones AND 3 PBS stations and they are all in Super HD ( better than Cable or Satellite ) because nothing get’s compressed along the way from them to me! It doesn’t get used that much any more due to my discovery of the following goodies.
  • Unblock-Us is a small outfit in Toronto that lets us point our Internet address through their services and make us appear as Americans or British etc ( does not yet work for Australia ) all for a very small nominal fee. So we can now go to most of the TV show websites there and see all or most, or the most recent of their episodes… albeit some with commercials. It works really REALLY well! Then I just “AirPlay” them from my MacBook to my Apple TV!
  • Then of course – there’s Netflix. It’s pretty amazing on it’s own but when you add Unblock-Us to it, it becomes phenomenal! Here you can discover all sorts of shows and movies that you may or may not have heard about – yes it’s not very up-to-date and usually at least a year old – but the wealth and depth of shows and movies available make it a no-brainer for just about anyone… oh and AppleTV has a link readily available ( in pretty well all markets ) for you to click on and enjoy – for a pittance a month!
  • So how can I get CNN ( or a bunch of other news channels available ) – here is the magic website –! There you can find all sorts of news feeds available, including CNN and all Live! You will be greater by a commercial when you start your broadcast – but that is a small price to pay for such a great service. With my set up I just make the video full screen and once again “AirPlay” it to my AppleTV and watch CNN live on my big screen TV!
  • While the Apple TV is central to all this – it isn’t just a conduit for other devices. With it you can rent movies ( notice how most video stores are disappearing? ) So now just like Cable or Satellite – you can rent movies AND tv shows through your provider – Apple!
  • We also love British costume drama’s and mysteries and so have subscribed to AcornTV to give us our fill of that ( I airplay my episodes from my iPad to my AppleTV ) for only $30 a YEAR it’s a no brainer!
  • Using your AppleTV you can also subscribe to ( buy ) seasons ( like NCIS, Castle, etc ) and watch the new episodes as they become available ( usually 24hrs after they air. ) They play without commercials AND you can pause, rewind, save, watch later, and even watch again and again just like it was on your VCR/PVR/TVR/etc…. The price is very affordable and still a lot cheaper than paying for cable with commercials and one time viewing unless you record it!
  • Here’s a couple of extra tricks you can do with your AppleTV:
    • Once you subscribe to Unblock-Us above change the location for your AppleTV in the Settings menu to the good old US of A. You will be amazed at all the other channels you have available to you like PBS, the Weather Channel, and recently ABC Networks. We really enjoy the PBS channel – and has dramatically affected our use of Live TV because of it!
      • One bit of warning if you change the location – you will no longer be able to use Apple’s Movies, Music or TV Shows. They think they are now in the US and to use them you will need to have both a US address AND a US Credit card…
    • I have all my Apple devices on my network sharing with each other and as such I have set up a small Mac Mini in the basement to hold all our digital music, photo’s, videos and movies. If you subscribe to new TV shows or buy new movies it’s easier if you go through iTunes on your server as they will automatically download and be ready for playing when you are ready to watch or listen. Then you just go through the Computer button on AppleTV, select what you want and again watch or listen and enjoy it on the big screen… This time of year for example I have a huge Christmas playlist that I play along with a slideshow of all our previous Christmases – it really helps to put one in the spirit of things!
  • Ok – the last piece of this puzzle is all about the bandwidth. Right now a lot of Internet providers are finally offering unlimited usage ( no limit as to how many gigabytes/GB you use a month ) for a small extra fee. Once you have that you can sit in front of the TV all day if you wish!

So that is it. My set up ( generally speaking – I may have missed a few pieces here and there. ) Yes I am paying for my TV shows but on average it’s only $35 a show – but that is for the ENTIRE SEASON and I get to watch it when I want, WITHOUT commercials and can watch it again and again and again AND I never have to worry about disks being damaged or lost! I was paying over $100 a month to get hundreds of channels of garbage so that I could watch the few shows that I enjoyed! Now that money pays for me to buy those shows AND I’m still further ahead financially…

So how much do you spend on TV a month…. is it worth it? This might be a better way for you, it’s certainly affordable – think about it!

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Lifeline to Victory

Posted on Monday 11 November 2013

Remembrance Day, November 11…

This is a day that everyone in my family, children, sisters, brothers, in-laws, Aunts, Uncles stop and purposefully spend time remembering all our family, friends of family and complete strangers and reflect upon the sacrifices that they made, both with a and to their lives, to get us to where we are today. May we always be able to follow in their footsteps when the need arises…

We usually also spend time playing the music that they listened to back then ( my dad had a phenomenal collection now lost to me – but hopefully someone in the family still listens to it. ) We also watch selected war movies, documentaries and television shows. Not for the action, but more as an “aide memoire”  - so that we can truly appreciate the reality of the sacrifices, challenges and horrors faced by so many…

Which brings me to the title of this posting, Lifeline to Victory.  That particular phrase refers to the many many convoys that sailed from North America to England and Russia and eventually Europe, bringing much needed war supplies and more importantly survival for those millions trapped within those theatres of war. It was also used as a title for a Canadian Televison Movie that focused on the thin line of Corvettes ( small fighting ships ) that were sent to escort them, protect them and hopefully get them to where they were going.


Our family was lucky enough to have recorded the movie on our VCR and we watched it faithfully for years and during that time always looked for it on DVD ( especially once our VCR and tapes started to die. )

It’s an amazing movie that portrays the struggles of many a Corvette commander, from inexperience to going to sea without being fully equipped ( such as carrying a wooden structure that resembled a gun because there were currently none left to outfit it with ) and the disdain with which the Canadians were treated by the British Navy. It was brilliantly filmed, edited and portrayed – Michael Riley did a phenomenal job portraying the ships commander Paul Devereaux.

This is truly a Canadian Icon that should be broadcast every year on Canadian TV – a Canadian experience for Canadians – except it isn’t. It isn’t even available for purchase – which is truly sad and frustrating for everyone in my family.

As I recall it was a Global TV co-production and while there are all sorts of sites which claim to have it available for viewing, downloading and even purchasing…. none really do. Why they don’t boggles my mind.

So now I’m putting this out to the Universe and the Net… does anyone know where I can purchase a real copy in digital format? I would love to buy it if it was available!

Here are some background links for those of you who may not have heard of this lost gem…

From TV Archive Canada -

From everyones favourite site IMDB -

A discussion forum on Corvettes -

There are really a LOT of people who would love to have a copy of this movie, hopefully someone out there either has an excellent digital copy of it for sale or to share… anyone?

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A Long Time Between Postings This Time

Posted on Friday 18 October 2013

Yep – once again it’s been a while, not sure whether it was because I was too busy doing other stuff, too lazy, or too something else…. it just happens.

Well I have to say it is that time of year again, Fall is upon us and soon Winter will arrive and with it Christmas… I can tell it’s Fall because yet again the annual search for Gipp Forster is underway. It’s the #1 reason people are coming to my website again…

I had hoped by now, that Dale Baglio would have finished polishing Gipp’s second CD and put it up on CDBaby, but it isn’t there yet. I’m really glad I managed to get a copy through Gipps connection to Senior Living… Dale also told me that he had enough material to publish a third CD from extra material that he and Gipp were working on. He had hopes to have it out over the summer, in plenty of time for Christmas, but alas nothing yet.

The other reason I am posting this little blurb is the #2 reason people are visiting my site right now… not to read anything in particular, but to post SPAM! There is obviously a tool, database, something out there that helps Spammers find sites that haven’t been posted to for a while. I say posted, because I frequently update the software and maintain my website, I just don’t get around to talking about it!

Anyways, the Spammers come in and randomly grab one of my postings and make absurd comments on it, with tons of links to all sorts of other garbage that they are hoping to make money on! The frequency of this happening has increased dramatically over the past two weeks…

Thankfully, for any real reader, you don’t see any of that. My system is set up to remove obvious Spam and anything that isn’t obvious ( comment wise ) is set aside for me to review and delete accordingly.

They must know this by now, so they must be trying to rig the Google system some how, with the linking and hidden comments…. what ever they plan it doesn’t work because all Spam comments are removed within 24hrs regardless – either automatically or manually by yours truly… I might have to post a few more articles on what I have been up to for a while just to get myself off of what ever list these idiots use…. sigh…

Till next time then!

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More on Gipp’s Passing

Posted on Thursday 18 April 2013

I’ve been given permission to publish portions of several emails that I recieved on the 16th – shortly after Gipp Forster had passed away.

I am putting them up here for both those looking for background as well as those who wanted to know more about his passing.

He will be greatly missed…

From Dale Baglio

Very sad news to report.  Gipp Forster passed away yesterday morning at about 11am at home, and in the arms of his wife, Donna. Obviously, his health declined very rapidly from when I last saw him about five weeks ago.  I knew his time was perhaps limited, but none of us realized he’d be taken so soon.

His memorial service is scheduled for April 26th at Gateway Baptist Church here in Victoria.

From Barry Bowman

I’m very sad to report our old friend Gipp passed away yesterday. He had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer in February but in spite of some hopeful, better news only a few weeks ago, the cancer proved too aggressive.

Gipp and I were avid matinee-goers, catching the latest flicks at Silver City but as he grew weaker we spent Wednesday afternoons watching his favorite videos from his recliner at home.

For Deb and me, he was our family pastor, (marrying us three times), presiding over our family funeral services, and dedicating Jessica and Paige when they were born.

For me, he was more than a good friend-he was like my brother.

It’s also comforting to know that Gipp’s faith sustained him through those last few weeks. Some afternoons, rather than watch a movie, we’d just talk, and he told me he was more than ready and not to be sad.

I know you’ll honor that as you spare a thought for Gipp and, of course for Donna who has soldiered through this with a deep well of courage.

A memorial is planned for Friday, April 26th.

From an article in Senior Living Magazine (which Gipp wrote for)

We are greatly saddened by the death of our friend and Senior Living columnist Gipp Forster, who passed away on April 15, 2013.

We made Gipp’s acquaintance about 16 or so years ago when we moved from Alberta to BC so that my husband Barry (Senior LIving’s co-publisher) could take on a position at the Mustard Seed, a street church and food bank founded by Gipp. Some years later, in 2004, I created Senior Living magazine. Already knowing Gipp’s gift as a writer, I asked him if he’d write a monthly column. I felt it would be a perfect outlet for his many stories and insights. And so it has proven to be!  And much more…for we can never begin to count the number of lives he touched or the chuckles he invoked…
(You can read the entire article on their site here)

My wife summed up our feelings best…

What a sad sad loss, Heaven is much richer tonight…

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