Tightening up Comments & Feedback

Posted on Tuesday 23 October 2007

Well I guess I am slowly starting to become noticed out on the web. While I still haven’t had a plethora of real comments and feedbacks, I have noted that the SPAM comment attacks are starting to increase. I am deleting about two to three a day now. I’m not sure if I should be pleased that others have found me, or angry that it is happening. Confused

I really would have liked to keep this blog as open as possible, but unfortunately there are some people out there who would prefer to use someone else’s work as their own advertising board. As a result, I have now instituted a slight lock-down ( by tightening up the WordPress configuration ) on all future comments and postings.

In future, postings from anyone not authorized to comment will be put into  a hidden queue for my authorization (for new users it will look like it has disappeared.) Once you have made a comment that has been ok’d by me, all future comments will not require authorization and will be posted immediately.

Again, your first comment will not appear until it is ok’d by me. Once that occurs, all future comments and postings will immediately and automatically appear. At this point anyone may still register and post immediately, here is hoping this minor change allows this to continue.

Again, my apologies for having to tighten up things here – but hopefully this will lead to a better and safer blog to visit in future.


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