Time to set sail

Posted on Wednesday 12 September 2007

Okay enough with the tweaking and struggling and trying to understand how everything fits together here. It’s time to cast off the mooring lines and head out of safe harbour and into deeper waters. Anyone who is out there may now register and add comments…

While I’m still not completely pleased with the look and layout of this site, I now have enough going on it to be happy with. I have also acquired a whole bevy of tools, sitting in the wings, just in case I get inundated by the spamming community at large.

It’s amazing actually, this website was only “up” for 3 days, before that it was listed as “under construction” and already my email address associated with this site is getting spammed…. wow. I thought they would at least wait until something actually happened on it!

Things will be “fixed” (my terminology for tweaked/changed) as we go now. I’m still trying to wrap my head around PHP and mySQL and WordPress and hope to post more on this later. It’s been fun and frustrating (finding out that my mind isn’t as flexible as it used to be …) trying to absorb all there is to know about everything that I need – or should I say want – to know about.

The whole process is actually quite simple and straightforward if you don’t want to change or fix anything. But as usual, when you look under the hood….. ugly!

One thing that I think I would like to do is, from time to time, post my poetry. It’s something that I have always liked to write. Anyone have any thoughts on that? And should I put it into my pages (like my about page in case you hadn’t spotted it yet) or just post it with it’s own category and let people comment on it. Feedback would be appreciated on this one (for those/anyone who may have stumbled across this site already)

Other items that I plan to chat about, will of course be Family (all positive I hope – as they may be reading this…. Money matters/issues as I come across it and Help Desk articles. I get called upon by a lot of people for help on technical issues. The world can be a pretty scary place for those not lucky enough to be able to wrap their mind around some of the things that are out there. So hopefully by posting some of these I can help those less fortunate than I . I’ll also rant and praise particular techie issues that I come across or expericence. A case in point WordPress itself. The engine that this website runs on.

So without further ado, I think it is time to cast off. I’m looking forward to the voyage!


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