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Ever since I saw the first Atari 2600 video game for the home, I’ve wanted a video game. Unfortunately we always had “higher” priorities for the household budget. Eventually I discovered computers (for which I squirreled away my pennies at a time until I could afford one. To be truthful, I actually got a credit […]

Why We’re Grandparents

You may have noticed that I haven’t written much the last couple weeks. Trust me this isn’t because of lack of things to write/chat/rant about but rather just being too darned busy! Yes Christmas is coming which I think takes care of a good chunk of many peoples spare time this time of year. So […]

The French Connection

I was cleaning up my basement office a couple of weekends ago and I came across an tired, old copy of a photocopy of a copy of an article obviously taken out of a book. It’s title was called “Le Instant French“, by Stephen Phizicky. It brought back a lot of memories… One of the […]