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Working in a Fog…

( My Time )

You know how sometimes life is good and you can do no wrong? Well I just had the opposite – NOTHING went right for me over the last 4 days! I should have paid closer attention to a CD I received recently. If I had, maybe I would have missed this little groundswell of unpleasantness […]

Wayne and Shuster Lead to a Video Audio Ripper…

So I was so successful creating MP3 disks that my wife is now putting in orders and special requests. The problem was, she was asking for something that I hadn’t found yet. Recordings from the old Wayne & Shuster show. Now without a doubt Wayne and Shuster were one of our greatest Canadian exports. In […]

Tightening up Comments & Feedback

Well I guess I am slowly starting to become noticed out on the web. While I still haven’t had a plethora of real comments and feedbacks, I have noted that the SPAM comment attacks are starting to increase. I am deleting about two to three a day now. I’m not sure if I should be […]

Converting Real Audio to MP3

( Windows )

So last week when I was normalizing all my downloaded mp3’s I found yet another problem. It would seem some of the old radio sites that I was downloading from kept their audio’s in Real Audio format (indicated usually with an ra or rm file type – the part after the “.”.) I actually had […]

A Great Way To Easily Bulk Rename Files

( Windows )

Serendipity always fascinates me. It is amazing how many times one thinks about something, only to have it appear out of no where when you least expect it! That’s what happened to me a couple of days ago when I went looking for a utility to normalize a bunch of MP3s! A long time ago, […]