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Posted on Friday 1 March 2013

So, I’ve started off in pursuit of another dream – a company that offers amazing products which are all natural and organic and of course has an amazing business opportunity – it’s called EssanteOrganics… but that’s not what this posting is about – it’s about getting half decent signatures for my apple mail.app!  😆

With any new endeavour, making or changing your signature line to advertise the fact or company is an essential element in your  plan. It’s simple, gets the word out, and it costs nothing…

So that was my plan with my Apple mail ( mail.app ) I’ve done this before for other efforts, this should be no different… but boy was I surprised!

Pretty well all the solutions I cam across had you writing code and hacking into the signature folder on a previously created signature in order to put something together – what a mess! This isn’t the Apple I’ve grown to love over the years. How could something so essential have been missed? Or worse mangled!?  🙁

Everywhere I looked they all recommended the same thing… that is until I came across a small solution in the ocean of insanity that is out there – so a tip of the hat to Cory Bohon who posted this article back in May of 2012 on the Mac|Life site! It boggles the mind that no one else is repeating this out there – so I am going to do that here – just to double the chances that the next poor sod looking to do this finds Cory’s information first!

  1. The first step in accomplishing this is to open a new, blank email in Mail.
  2. In the message body, format your signature the way you’d like it to be shown. Use colors, and all of the formatting options available to you in the Font panel (Command +T if you need it!)
  3. To add links, select and right-click on the text you wish to be a link, and then navigate to Link > Add Link. In the URL field, enter the address to the site that you wish to link. Click  OK when you’re done.
  4. If you want to add images or icons just copy from where you have them stored on your computer and paste them where you want them
  5. When you’re done adding the images, and want to give them links to somewhere else – select the image and navigate to Edit > Add Link.
  6. In the pop up URL dialog, add the link to wherever you want people to go.
  7. Edit and adjust your signature until you are happy with it.
  8. Once you are done tweaking your new email signature, copy the entire signature from the new message body, and then navigate to Mail > Preferences > Signatures.
  9. Create a new signature by clicking on the plus sign (+), and then paste in your newly created signature.
  10. You’re Done! It’s now ready for use in your new email messages.

Extremely simple and it avoids all the problems/messes with trying to edit code and key mail files – DONT DO IT! Do what Cory recommends instead!

Now for those of you who may have, like me, multiple email accounts in their mail app and want to manage their signatures, you don’t have to cut and paste the same signature in each one – just do this…

  1. Go back to your Edit Signatures window. It’s actually a Signature Management Window!
  2. You should see a list of All Signatures and an icon for each email account
  3. Clicking on each account will show you which signatures you have for which accounts. Their names will be listed in the middle window and you can see what they look like on the right side window.
  4. Find the signature you want to copy and click on its name ( in the middle window )
  5. Then click, hold and drag the signature to the email account you want it to be used on – and it will automatically copy it for you – no fuss – no muss!

Now the last little tidbit – while you are still in the Signature Management Window, at the bottom you will see three little tidbits.

  1. The first one  on top is a checkbox that will let you always make your signature match the font of the email you are composing ( a nice little feature for those of us who are creative! )
  2. You’ll note there is also a checkbox on the bottom, that will let you place your signature either at the end of the entire email chain ( including replies ) or at the bottom of your most recent statement – your call!
  3. In the middle ( of the bottom ) you’ll find the statement Choose Signature: followed by a selection bar that will let you select a specific signature for all emails for that email account, or you can choose a random signature or a sequential signature usage ( for those of you who have multiple signature lines for any one account! )

How much simpler can it get!?

If what I’ve written isn’t clear enough then feel free to go to and read Cory’s article, for the full step by step – with pictures!  😉





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