How to Send Large Files By Email

Posted on Monday 5 January 2009

Merry Christmas everyone – I hope, as this festive season closes, that everyone had a great time catching up with friends and renewing old acquaintances and the like!

By now, pretty well everyone you know has a digital camera and thousands of pictures were taken during the last few weeks within your family alone. Unfortunately, one of the hardest things to do with those pictures afterwards is share them.

Sure you can sign up with one of the many free (and not so free ) picture sharing websites that are out there but whomever you want to share pictures with will have to do the same. Or you will have to burn a couple of CDs or DVDs or print off a bunch of pictures and send them in the mail or post or ….

Of course, pretty well everyone you know has email now, and you could attache a few pictures to your email and send them that way, but with todays cameras it isn’t unheard of having just one picture being 5MB in size and adding just a few of these to one email can quickly cause hiccups for most peoples email services… so what to do…

Here is a quick and easy service that will allow you to send files up to 100MB in size to whomever you wish…. with no cost involved…. AND if you want to send larger files – there is a small and very affordable fee that will allow you to do that too! Plus it won’t clutter up your (or your friends ) email to boot!

The service is called yousendit and their website is The free service runs at a lower priority ( which is fair – they are a business ) but it does deliver.

To send pictures via their service just select the pictures you wish (making sure that the total stays under 100MB in size ) and create an archive with them (one large file ) if you don’t have an archive or a ZIP tool ( the most common format for archives ) then I recommend a great free one available from which is called the same name IZArc and can archive and unarchive files available in almost any format ( Not sure what Mac users can use, and Linux users usually have tools already installed for such purpose…)

Once your archive is created, login ( you need to create an account if you haven’t been there before ) to and click on the send button. You will get a small window popping up which will allow you to upload the archive and enter in the email address, a subject line, and a small note ( max of 100 characters ). Fill in the pertinent information, upload the file and send it.

Once the file has been sent you will receive a confirmation window (as well as an email ) with the link to download the archive from (so that you can send this link to more people if you so desire and/or download it yourself … )

The person(s) who will recieve the email you just sent out will get a notification and the note you sent them in their email, which will include the link for them to download whatever information you sent them in your archive.  This archive will be available for 7 days or a maximum of 100 days ( which is a lot for a free service! )

Once your recipients receive their files/pictures they will be able to do with them as they see fit … includ them in their own collection, put them in a digital picture frame or whatever….

I’ve used this service to send many pictures between my daughter and myself and although it may be running at “low priority” they still receive their email within the day and get their pictures just as quickly.

If you are looking for a way to save yourself and your friends or family a lot of grief and at the same time share pictures or any other shareable information – this is definately the way to go – check it out…. www.

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  1. Mieyam Said,

    If you want to send large files in just one single step, try Otengo . No uploading downloading involved. Its seamless, and tranfer works like email. Try it.

  2. Rick Said,

    Hey Mieyam

    Otengo looks interesting. Thanks for the tip-off. Certainly if you are on windows and all your friends are on Windows it might be a way to go.

    From what I have read however it still looks like you have to download and install Otengo in order to send AND receive emails with attachments which means a second email client etc etc.

    The advantage of yousendit is that you keep your regular email client ( or software ) and just transfer a link between each other. So it’s great for everyone regardless of the operating system or computer they are using.

    Thanks for sharing the info though – it’s always good to have more options available – Otengo may be a good fit for someone looking for something like this!

    Thanks again!


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