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OK I Give Up – Part 2!!

Soooo… I thought I had found a nice compromise on Captcha programs… You know those irritating things that you have to fill in to prove you are a person that everyone is using these days. It was pretty simple, essentially numbers (written out in words)  put into a math problem and all one had to […]


When I was a kid, a long LONG time ago now, I dreamt of the day when hover cars would cover the road. GM actually even sent me some prototype information on cars it thought it would have by the 1990’s. Well that’s long gone now and the closest we’ve ever come to hover cars […]

Three Months and Still Very Happy!

So it’s been just over 3 months, as we head into the latter part of December, that we pulled the plug on our Cable ( to be truthful on our Satellite – we dropped Cable 5 yrs earlier due to costs! ) We haven’t missed it once and saving $$$ every month isn’t bad either! […]

Lifeline to Victory

( My Time )

Remembrance Day, November 11… This is a day that everyone in my family, children, sisters, brothers, in-laws, Aunts, Uncles stop and purposefully spend time remembering all our family, friends of family and complete strangers and reflect upon the sacrifices that they made, both with a and to their lives, to get us to where we […]

A Long Time Between Postings This Time

( My Time )

Yep – once again it’s been a while, not sure whether it was because I was too busy doing other stuff, too lazy, or too something else…. it just happens. Well I have to say it is that time of year again, Fall is upon us and soon Winter will arrive and with it Christmas… […]