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Spending Christmas with Gipp Forster

Well, to be truthful I’ve never met this wonderful gentleman. Save for listening to him over the radio, and eventually listening to his recordings. But every year at this time I hear from a LOT of people who are looking for him and want to spend time with him the way I’ve been doing. Why […]

Christmas is in the Air

This time of year is when Christmas slowly creeps into my veins, it’s the little things, not the advertising that does it. When my wife and I were younger we always started our Christmas shopping the day after Remembrance Day ( Nov 11 ), but that was before the Internet and on-line shopping. We also […]

It Feels Like Christmas

Man. I have had a web search challenge that I have been working on for over three years! I kid you not. I just broke it this morning and I had to share it with someone. For the last few years, usually starting around December 1st some of the radio stations in Canada have carried […]