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The Bloom is Off my CherryPal

Well nothing like a blown power supply to slow all my plans down…. Took some time to put everything back together and up grade the storage space etc etc…. now onward and …. well… 👿 I have yet to tell you the whole horrid story behind the issues with my CherryPal, I promise it’s coming… […]

Tagging MP3s with MP3TagTools

( Windows )

So if you recall, yesterday I was chatting about how great the WDTV is for playing audio by such things as performer and genre. What I didn’t mention yesterday, was the challenge I had finding all the songs I thought should have been marked as Christmas ( ’tis the season after all ) in the […]

Foxit – A PDF Viewer for Windows & Ubuntu!

( Linux andWindows )

As you are probably aware by now, almost every manual and “official” document that you find on the Internet ( and in business ) is in PDF (Portable Document Format). It was designed by Adobe Systems and ( thankfully ) in 2008 they released it as an open format. What this meant was that other […]

HDAT2 – The Ultimate Hard Drive Rescue Tool

( Linux andWindows )

So now that I’ve upgraded to a Karmic Koala, and am happy with most of the results, I’ve decided that it’s time to retire my old system ( all of 3 years…) and see what else I can do with it. Suffice to say, unfortunately, there are still a lot of things that don’t run […]

Again with Network Printing Problems!!

( Linux andWindows )

I really, really thought that I understood everything I needed to do and know about setting up my little HP1000 printer on Ubuntu…. that was until I got a new machine and upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04… boy was I wrong! First things first… why a new machine? Well my goal was to move everything eventually […]