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A Brilliant Article

( Mind Cramp andWWW )

For those who follow the goings and comings of the Internet, in particular it’s changes, both by technology and by law must be closely watching the goings on in England these days. Those “virtuous” organizations responsible for the protection of all the “stuff’ ( sorry I’m trying to be kind here ) coming out of […]

Trick or Treat – Internet Style

( Mind Cramp andWWW )

So the Halloween season is upon us and I am left on my own this year to decorate the pumpkin – my youngest seeing fit to reside in Toronto and my two grandsons off doing their own thing as well ( okay so they are actually in school but you get my meaning….) So step […]

Where’d I Go?

( Mind Cramp andMy Time andWWW )

So as you may, or maybe not, have noticed. I was off the air for a few days…. almost a week… The short story was, I didn’t pay my bills on time…. and if that were the only reason I wouldn’t be writing this… so… The rest of the story is my service provider ( […]

Picture Templates

I know I haven’t typed anything for a while, but trust me it isn’t because I haven’t had anything to talk about. I have actually been busy doing all sorts of little things that have added up to a whole lot of time, and who knows may generate an article or two if ever I […]

A Pain (Flash) in the Neck

( Linux andWWW )

In between being tied up with babysitting my grandsons and fighting off flu bugs I have been battling a rather nasty problem that I have been having with playing anything associated with using Flash on Firefox 3 on Ubuntu 8.04. And FINALLY, just now, I found the fix that worked. It’s the little things like […]