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CherryPal Pie, Re-cut

So another problem that I just fixed with my CherryPal Bing has been overcome. This one needed a lot more prep work in advance ( in case things went wrong ) compared to the actual fix, which was pretty straightforward. The problem was the hard drive. The bing comes with a great little 160GB drive. […]

Bing! A New License for my CherryPal!

As you may recall, I was not having very good luck with updating the license for my CherryPal Bing. If you aren’t sure, you can read about it here ( the-bloom-is-off-my-cherrypal .) Well today I tried the last thing I could find….. actually using a Microsoft solution for their own problem and believe it or […]

The Bloom is Off my CherryPal

Well nothing like a blown power supply to slow all my plans down…. Took some time to put everything back together and up grade the storage space etc etc…. now onward and …. well… 👿 I have yet to tell you the whole horrid story behind the issues with my CherryPal, I promise it’s coming… […]

Worms in My CherryPal Bing

I’ve been avoiding this article for too long now. It must be the Canadian in me… or maybe I’m just too much of a procrastinator.  I am (  for now at least ) still a big supporter of the CherryPal computer concept. You can still click on the link under Favourites on my  right side […]

WDTV Multimedia Heaven

So I got a neat little gadget from my daughter and her partner a while back – it’s called a WDTV or (Western Digital TeleVision) and I have to tell you – it’s pretty cool! I’ve been using it pretty extensively now for I think almost a year and it has worked flawlessly. What’s it […]