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A Jaunty Jackalope turns into a Karmic Koala…

( Linux )

For those who may not be aware “Jaunty Jackalope” is the name given by Ubuntu for their 9.04 version release and “Karmic Koala” is the name for the 9.10 release. I have been running with “Jaunty” for a while now, but big promises have been made that “Karmic” would fix a lot of what ailed […]

Transcode – an amazing little avi tool

( Linux )

A friend of mine recently had a problem with a couple of avi files he had of a movie of his. The movie was actually in two parts and he wanted it combined. Plus, he also had two subtitle files to the movie and was wondering if I could embed them into the finished avi […]

What is ipmasq and Why Should I Care?

( Linux )

So I mentioned yesterday that when I fwent to write my article about “fglrx” that I ran into another/new problem. That problem was that I could no longer log into the Internet, nor could I even access other computers on my home network. It was as if the network card became unplugged – only it […]

What the “fglrx” happened?!

( Linux andMind Cramp )

So once again I have discovered that Linux is no where near ready for the average user… Don’t get me wrong, it is much more powerful/flexible/fun/easy to use that any version of Windows that I’ve kicked the tires on. It’s just that free software means that not everyone works on what everyone else needs! A […]

Again with Network Printing Problems!!

( Linux andWindows )

I really, really thought that I understood everything I needed to do and know about setting up my little HP1000 printer on Ubuntu…. that was until I got a new machine and upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04… boy was I wrong! First things first… why a new machine? Well my goal was to move everything eventually […]