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What the F…?

Don’t panic that F… doesn’t stand for what you think it does, read on… So my wife ran into problems with her email a couple of days ago. She uses the latest version of Thunderbird for her email and our Internet provider is Rogers. Rogers, for what ever reason, uses Yahoo mail services. I certainly […]

The Apple TV

I know, but taxes can wait until I at least get this little rant off my chest.  😯 As you may, or may not know, Apple is launching some new products this week – tomorrow to be precise. And the rumour mill is running wild on what the new products will be. The fact is […]

It’s Been a While

( My Time )

Obviously a bit of malaise must have set in on me. I haven’t posted anything for a long time now – which is a real pity as I have been busy, but haven’t had the energy to write about them here. The funny part is I”m not alone, I set my daughter up with her […]